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Why you must choose cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are good for the environment, good for your wallet, and the best choice for your babyís skin. These tips will help you find and choose the best nappies for your lifestyle and budget, without sacrificing convenience.

One of the many choices that you need to make when choosing cloth nappies is the type of material that you want next to your babyís sensitive skin. Of all the materials available, terry toweling nappies and flannelette nappies are among the most popular for prefolds and flat styled nappies. There are several advantages to each of these materials.

The Basics of Flannelette Nappies

Flannelette nappies are similar to terry nappies since they need a waterproof cover, but the material is very different. Flannelette is thinner and lighter than terry, making it a good choice in warmer temperatures. Flannelette square nappies are also an economical choice that is available in many different styles and colors. In general, both terry and flannel are materials that hold up well allowing the nappies to be used on several babies before needing to be replaced.

One advantage to choosing flannelette nappies over terry toweling nappies is that flannel is trimmer, making it better for smaller babies who donít need a lot of bulk to stay dry. Both flannel and terry nappies need to be changed as soon as baby feels damp, but remember that terry toweling nappies will typically hold more moisture than flannel does.

Choosing Your Nappies

It is a good idea to have some classic terry toweling nappies on hand so that you can use them as needed. Not only are these nappies good for baby, they are also great to use for burp cloths and to lay baby on any time they have a rash, so that the air can help the rash heal quickly. Flannel nappies are amazing for newborns and smaller babies, as well, and since both types of nappies are so economical you may want to grab a dozen of each type to decide which kind you personally prefer.

There are many different advantages for choosing either terry nappies or flannelette nappies, but your personal decision should be based on how well each type works on your baby. Since every baby is unique, what works for someone else may not work for your baby. Terry toweling nappies are a classic, however, and are versatile enough to work on babies of all shapes and sizes equally well.

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